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Come down to Rontoms and get some lights on your rig! The cops love pullin over bikes here in portland so give em one less reason to fuck with you


Air Max!

Wyotes Fighting Coyotes! Dont get the Itch when traveling through Laramie Wyoming


Elvis Stuppard airing the vert at the Congers wheel park. When is he comin West???? NEVER!!!!!


Christian Guilliam in Conger NY jumping a pyramid during a $12 session at a public funded skatepark, WTF is wrong with skateparks in the East??????

Still Gettin It Flat

There is a video of Dean’s Jam up on ESPN right herr right herr

Shola Premiere!

The SHOLA video is pretty much finished up and it will be premiering on Aug 15th
This video is going to be wild as hell, it has a ton of dudes you know in it and was filmed partially by the man himself, Scott HD McMenamin

Ride UK Photo Issue

I just saw the new Ride UK photo issue, and it is the best bmx magazine that I have seen in long time! It has a sick cover shot, tons of cool shots and it’s huge! Go pick that up!
Here’s a couple of dudes I know that got some pics in it shot by Walter Peringer

Max Anderson-Young from his trip to Austin
Chet Blacksmith dropping in off a Kangaroo

The new Session is out as well and features The Penny Market Jam, Lil Caleb, Tyler Short, A Local Flat Jam and more!