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Im not from around here

Elvis Stuppard is in town for the week as well as the crazy lookin guy below.


Air Max!

Wyotes Fighting Coyotes! Dont get the Itch when traveling through Laramie Wyoming

Ride UK Photo Issue

I just saw the new Ride UK photo issue, and it is the best bmx magazine that I have seen in long time! It has a sick cover shot, tons of cool shots and it’s huge! Go pick that up!
Here’s a couple of dudes I know that got some pics in it shot by Walter Peringer

Max Anderson-Young from his trip to Austin
Chet Blacksmith dropping in off a Kangaroo

The new Session is out as well and features The Penny Market Jam, Lil Caleb, Tyler Short, A Local Flat Jam and more!

Peace Out Chet

Chet left this morning to go to Louisville, we had a party at the crib last night and it was Brad’s birthday as well. Brass Monkey, Sassy’s and some Natural Ice got shit going right. Dirt Nasty was in the house as well as Lil Caleb and some other nugs.


This is a booklet of a trip a few of us took to Eugene filming for the GOODS video the other day CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT!

Clockin Footy

When not cooking our meals, Andrew Baldus did nacnacs, smooked camels, and put in some work with the video cam til it took a dump mid trip.

Lincoln Logs

Mini ramp air in a bar in Lincoln Nebraska, hows that for random. I rocked the Kidd jersey for like 7 days til it was brown!