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Pier Jam!

There is a jam going down at pier park in St.Johns. It should be a good time and I’m sure people will be getting dirt nasty up in the full pipe. For more info on it peep



This is a booklet of a trip a few of us took to Eugene filming for the GOODS video the other day CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT!

Back In Action

After 2 weeks on the road we are back in Portland. Above is a shot of Max Anderson Young Airing out of a bank in Lincoln Nebraska. We went through through 8 states, 2 cars, 50 blunts, a bunch of parks, and a ton of floors. Thanks to anyone who put us up! More pics to come!

East Coast!

NickYDangerPonHere is a pic of two homies from the east, Nicky (Danger) Hardin jumping the Hackettstown Box, a move that gets the thumbs up approval from Austin Pon DIgga PaVaun. Hopefully I will be rolling to the Belmar with these fools this summer

Book Coming Soon

Workin on a PDF Book for the site, stay tuned should be up soon.

Nick Kirkland

Nick Kirkland chillin at an early Glenhaven Session

New Camera

Here is one of the first shots from my new Mamiya TLR Medium Format. Andrew Baldus doing a one footed downside ice bonk at glenhaven. Fuck cleaning dust of the negatives! More pics to come!