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Printed up some new OldTown Shirts Last night, white and red ink on Black Glidan TShirts, Sizes S,M,and L available in the ONLINE STORE
I also printed up some GIANT SIZED stickers so get at me if you want them.


First Thursday!!!!

If you’re in downtown portland tonight stop by the LOTEK store and Check out Tyler Short’s Artwork. He does sick drawings on Tshirts, you can see them on TSHORTS.NET There will be free drinks all over downtown tonight at all the galleries so come get your lush on.

Roseburg OR Jam

roseburg oregon skatepark bmx jam flyer
David Joy put this up in a myspace bulletin, it should be a good time get out if you can. If you can’t… Throw your own jam. Skateparks are all over and any town with a decent, or even shitty park if your on the east coast, should be throwing a jam of some sort every year. So if you aint organizing something get on it!!!! even email YOUR INN for prizes, you probabl wont get much but I got mad stickers, and some empty tall cans worth five cents a piece

Book Coming Soon

Workin on a PDF Book for the site, stay tuned should be up soon.


Got the new site up it may have a few errors still, so they will hopefully be fixed soon. Click on the little icons up top to get around the site.

oh boy this looks wild, what is up with this dude. The site is kinda funny and the pic of Tony Danza rockin his gear is pretty sweet.picture-5
check it out at

Lotek Show

The Lotek show was a good time boogdawg came up and we got to ride for a little bit before the rain started. here are some high quality cell phone pics.
boogdawg at chopsticks reppin a new shirt

chopsticks kareoke
boogdawg was killin the kareoke so hard, they let him take home the book
1st thursday has all types of cool stuff like this guy playin a tuba on the street

PBR and an ill phill sized Lotek shoe