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Air Max!

Wyotes Fighting Coyotes! Dont get the Itch when traveling through Laramie Wyoming


Who Can

This Man can CanCan!!!! Max Anderson-Young killing in the front yard after a long winter of digging in the rain.

Book Coming Soon

Workin on a PDF Book for the site, stay tuned should be up soon.

Spring is coming

things are coming back to life in the Penny Mansion, the sun has been out, and there are sessions going down in Tshirts sometimes too! Max, Scotty, and Chet are back from Austin TX too they saw hot girls, rode good spots, and ate good burritos. Sound like I need to tag along next time.

New Camera

Here is one of the first shots from my new Mamiya TLR Medium Format. Andrew Baldus doing a one footed downside ice bonk at glenhaven. Fuck cleaning dust of the negatives! More pics to come!