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Still Gettin It Flat

There is a video of Dean’s Jam up on ESPN right herr right herr


Pier Jam!

There is a jam going down at pier park in St.Johns. It should be a good time and I’m sure people will be getting dirt nasty up in the full pipe. For more info on it peep

More Shralpin!

Caleb Quanbeck – Loves Smokin Cigarettes!
Chet Black- loves cigs too, but not like caleb does!
John Ivers – I don’t know if he smokes cigs but he might!
I didn’t smoke any daggers all day but the green butter had me going!

Go to Shad’s

Dean Burrito came through to the Penny Mansion last night and dropped off some flyers for this jam going down on Friday at Shads house on NE 20th and Irvine in Portland. They have some badass ramps built and will even be having a race around the block!