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chris borel kissed the pavement


Im not from around here

Elvis Stuppard is in town for the week as well as the crazy lookin guy below.


WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! we will have videos on the projector, a ramp to ride, ping pong and a bunch of other fun going down! There will be product giveaways as well!!!! Maybe even from Brunchbox!!! Come down and have a godo time!!!!

Peace Out Chet

Chet left this morning to go to Louisville, we had a party at the crib last night and it was Brad’s birthday as well. Brass Monkey, Sassy’s and some Natural Ice got shit going right. Dirt Nasty was in the house as well as Lil Caleb and some other nugs.

Go to Shad’s

Dean Burrito came through to the Penny Mansion last night and dropped off some flyers for this jam going down on Friday at Shads house on NE 20th and Irvine in Portland. They have some badass ramps built and will even be having a race around the block!

Back In Action

After 2 weeks on the road we are back in Portland. Above is a shot of Max Anderson Young Airing out of a bank in Lincoln Nebraska. We went through through 8 states, 2 cars, 50 blunts, a bunch of parks, and a ton of floors. Thanks to anyone who put us up! More pics to come!

Trail Season

The Grotto has been getting some serious work done to it, there are now lines up all over the place, we were working all weekend on a Big ass set that will hopefully be running soon.
Here is the crew working on moving the earth. Andy upfront, then Max, and Snotty, in back working on the step up hip
this lady is down with YOUR INN for life, it’s right on her face!