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There was a mad fun jam this weekend in front of Shad’s house. I shot a bunch of photos which I put into a lil flip book that you can view by clicking RIGHT HERE


David Joy

David Joy from Kevin Staninger on Vimeo.

I saw this edit on Portlandriders.Info Check out some other cool videos and stuff on there

Roseburg OR Jam

roseburg oregon skatepark bmx jam flyer
David Joy put this up in a myspace bulletin, it should be a good time get out if you can. If you can’t… Throw your own jam. Skateparks are all over and any town with a decent, or even shitty park if your on the east coast, should be throwing a jam of some sort every year. So if you aint organizing something get on it!!!! even email YOUR INN for prizes, you probabl wont get much but I got mad stickers, and some empty tall cans worth five cents a piece

Book Coming Soon

Workin on a PDF Book for the site, stay tuned should be up soon.

eggs benedict skatepark

so they aren’t letting bikes into the new skatepark on powell and they were supposed to. Everyone should meet up at 10am at the New Ed Benedict Skatepark to make some noise!


Kevin Staninger put together this little edit of his trip to Portland and Seattle, it features some badass clips from him, David Joy, Caleb, and more!!!!!

David Joy




Here is an ad for Sea and Sky with David Joy in it. He is slidin the rail in Tanner springs park, in downtown pdx