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Ride UK Photo Issue

I just saw the new Ride UK photo issue, and it is the best bmx magazine that I have seen in long time! It has a sick cover shot, tons of cool shots and it’s huge! Go pick that up!
Here’s a couple of dudes I know that got some pics in it shot by Walter Peringer

Max Anderson-Young from his trip to Austin
Chet Blacksmith dropping in off a Kangaroo

The new Session is out as well and features The Penny Market Jam, Lil Caleb, Tyler Short, A Local Flat Jam and more!


Peace Out Chet

Chet left this morning to go to Louisville, we had a party at the crib last night and it was Brad’s birthday as well. Brass Monkey, Sassy’s and some Natural Ice got shit going right. Dirt Nasty was in the house as well as Lil Caleb and some other nugs.


This is a booklet of a trip a few of us took to Eugene filming for the GOODS video the other day CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT!

More Shralpin!

Caleb Quanbeck – Loves Smokin Cigarettes!
Chet Black- loves cigs too, but not like caleb does!
John Ivers – I don’t know if he smokes cigs but he might!
I didn’t smoke any daggers all day but the green butter had me going!


There was a mad fun jam this weekend in front of Shad’s house. I shot a bunch of photos which I put into a lil flip book that you can view by clicking RIGHT HERE

One Old Dude

It is Chet’s birthday today and he is not even here! Chet turns 47 years old today and is celebrating Germany by doing German Stuff, probably eating Bratwurst and wearing some suspenders. Happy Birthday Man!!!!


This is in the new DIG BMX MAG this month and that is the infamous SDK aka ScottHD aka Scott McMenamin aka that dude in the living room. He is shining real hard with this spread, it is from their Texas trip check it out Max, Chet, and him all went down there during rain season this year.