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This is a booklet of a trip a few of us took to Eugene filming for the GOODS video the other day CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT!


Kick Out the Jams!!!!

EuJam 09
I just finished up this flyer for the 09 EuJam, boogdawg hit me up and he’s stoked! He said Dave Thom will be there with his Red Sweatpants in Full Effect!!!! so get down there ride, party, and chill!

Boog’s New Whip

Boogdawg down in Eugene got his whip up and running, and has a few pics of it for you kids to enjoy. I cant remember any details on it right now but it is lookin smooth! Kevin Staninger shot the above photo during one of their trips up here in 08
boogdawgs new whip

Lotek Show

The Lotek show was a good time boogdawg came up and we got to ride for a little bit before the rain started. here are some high quality cell phone pics.
boogdawg at chopsticks reppin a new shirt

chopsticks kareoke
boogdawg was killin the kareoke so hard, they let him take home the book
1st thursday has all types of cool stuff like this guy playin a tuba on the street

PBR and an ill phill sized Lotek shoe

1st Thursday!!!

LOTEK/team shralp art show Feb 5th at the new Lotek store NW5th and NW Couch, across from Ground Control!!! Come check out some cool stuff and grab a drink from Jason Black!
BOOGDAWG will be in the house! Here is a pic of him tryin to get a ride
BOOGDAWG hitchhikin
Click Below to check out some new shirts I just printed up as well
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New BOOGDAWG footy

photo of Andy F’n Merrall, boog, and chet at the PENNY MARKET JAM blatantly stolen from Andrew Callaci’s Flickr
New Boogdawg edit he put together in a few days. His chain is gone for half the video and he is still killin it. Check it out HERE
Also we are looking for a sketchy spot in the portland area to throw a jam so if you know of one or want a bunch of fools at your mom’s house let me know.

whos that creepin in the window




I searched boogdawg in google image search and here is what showed up!!! PIMPIN!!!! Boogdawg sheds down in Eugene. He is a master of handplant variations over spines which he killed it with in the PENNY MARKET VIDEO