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Van Homan Kills It

Dude XS parts used to be so cool.


Sweet Gear Dude!

Here is another cool blog to check out this one is called LOOK AT THIS FUCKING HIPSTER.This one has some really funny stuff.


This is in the new DIG BMX MAG this month and that is the infamous SDK aka ScottHD aka Scott McMenamin aka that dude in the living room. He is shining real hard with this spread, it is from their Texas trip check it out Max, Chet, and him all went down there during rain season this year.


Why the Fuck Do You Have A Kid is a new blog I came across today that is pretty funny. It has tons of great pictures like these
note the man holding a baby on the bottom right!


Printed up some new OldTown Shirts Last night, white and red ink on Black Glidan TShirts, Sizes S,M,and L available in the ONLINE STORE
I also printed up some GIANT SIZED stickers so get at me if you want them.


the last one is so good when it goes all over her face hahaha


A postcard came to the house today from Chet who said he had just left Spain and was in Berlin Germany.


It’s always cool when the first word in a piece of mail is “FUCK!” he wrote everyone about american skaters trying to kick him out of spots in Barcelona. WTF??? He is over there for another while and should be back in June or July or something. Have Fun Dude and like Borat says, stay away from the Gypsies!!!!