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New BOOGDAWG footy

photo of Andy F’n Merrall, boog, and chet at the PENNY MARKET JAM blatantly stolen from Andrew Callaci’s Flickr
New Boogdawg edit he put together in a few days. His chain is gone for half the video and he is still killin it. Check it out HERE
Also we are looking for a sketchy spot in the portland area to throw a jam so if you know of one or want a bunch of fools at your mom’s house let me know.



A Franklin
New Your Inn hat Droppin in 09

Lazy Lazy Lazy

I suck and havent been updating this much, its also been brick out and havent had any new pics or anythign in a while. There is a art show going up at the lotek store that I will have some stuff in. Andy Merral moved down to Sacramento and we all got loose at the penny mansion before he left. also snotty is down in Sunny ass California away from this bad weather in Portland.
The show opens on First Thursday so show up and check some stuff out, a portion of the money from the show is going to go to helping Dean have a pool party in LA in honor of him hitting up 100 pools!!


Got mad stickers, and im makin some more.
Holla if your tryin to get some

Back In Portland!!!

I am back from NY, it was very col and uneventful, I got sick, saw some old friends and realized there is no type of riding scene left in Rockland. I also got to check out some old pictures of the homiesscottguido Here is Scott McMenamin all guido’d up back in his NY days. he is now a floor dweller n Portland and HD filmer for numerous BMX projects