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I got a text message from Andy Fulton today and he said he is comin back in 6 days from Alaska and he might be wearing one of these



Dean told mad people to go up to the big ass skatepark in vancouver washington, the place has Gigantic cement transitions and a big capsule thing you can carve over if you are badass. The place was packed with with 15 year old girls who had a long life of pregnancy and methamphetamine ahead of them. Here are a few pics of Chet and Dean killing the joint

Dean Carve over the Capsule, him and Jesse Leske trained it right after this too!

Chet Blacksmith killing it with a big ass table


we found this thing sitting around the other day and rode it for a minute, it may or may not have been looped the next day.


Big Bird you better Recognize

me and my friend brett used to watch this video all the time back in the day and then ride around town kicking shit over, blowing stuff up, lighting fires, and causing all other types of problems around our shitty ass town. I specifically remember we used to open up the doors to the kitchens in resturaunts and start throwing tennis balls in and then ride away laughing!

Scotty HD doin it BIG

Scott Mcmenamin Bio from No Run Ups Productions on Vimeo.

This is Scott’s bio video for the SHOLA video he has been working on for Bruce Chrisman. He’s got a cool little interview and some dope ass clips CHECK IT OUT!!!!

I Love The YOu TUbE!!!

I was creepin on Youtube and found some of the NY homies chillin!!!!!!!!


Hayston SHeppard


Black Rob

Eddie super Smooth 540