The Video Is DONE!!!!!!

Scotty finished the video and I uploaded it today. I dropped my computer on the ground, so I didnt update the video page links so just click HERE to see it. It is a big ass HD jammie so it will take a minute to upload. Dont bitch its worth it. If you want there is a ghetto ass youtube version on the YOUR INN you tube channel. More Pics are coming too. This thing was badass! Big thanks to everyone who helped out with the event and came through to chill. Big Up to New Deal Vodka, Xing Tea, Emerge Drink, Odyssey BMX,Lotek, Hoffman Bikes, DUO, GOODS,DK, Foyer Clothing,Profile, United,Props, and Snotty, THe GF20’s homies Dirty Dwayne and Ricky, Max, Chet, Jesse, Andrew, Brad, Tony, Marcus,Jiles and anyone else I am forgetting Thanks.


Dean Dickenson with a running man to rail grind in the hot move rail contest

THis guy may not have been riding but he had a tour de france hat on and was enjoying Brads Cooking all day long.

Jesse came through and helped us build some ramps, including his snoopy roof ramp that he shreded all day long

Montana Ricky and Hot MOve Rcorder Scott McMenamin who is also filming for Bruce Crismans new SHOLA video

Snotty helped build both days and got mad work done, then chilled on the roof all day

This is Mike from Colorado he is a straight up badass on a bike and left the jam with some new forks, a bottle of hot monkey, and some other assorted bicycle pieces.

Ben Huke was shreddin on SNoopys house all day long for more evidence peep the video


1 Response to “The Video Is DONE!!!!!!”

  1. 1 DaBigGuy September 5, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    That video was sick!!!!!! HD looks amazing

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