Wild in the Streets

There have been a bunch of fights going on in Portland between Bike riders and drivers and cars, and since a few of the fights happened right on the corner of the house mad news people have been comin through to film on sight. I got on channel 6 news and on channel 8 wearin “smoke trees” shirt! I should have pics of the shirt, but I slack real hard. I have some random photos from the crib too. 

these guys do not ride bikes, but they do sing and collect cans

if you are driving and see this guy do not fight him or yell at him for going through a light.

Max even has clips in the 10 o clock news. Guy with a big camera pre 270 on the hip.

roll deep to avoid getting in a fight, and if you do at least you got someone else to help throwdown

Max is not a hippy but he got some hop


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  1. 1 theodore logan July 19, 2008 at 12:53 am


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