Thats Right we got a Vodka Sponsor, Click below to read more.
That’s right Your Inn is now getting support from Portland, Oregon’s NEW DEAL VODKA we will be throwing events and bringing some new deal with the crew for people to get down and have some drinks.  We drove down in the van to the distillery in Southeast Portland to meet up with the owner Tom and claim our bottles. The vodka is distilled and bottled right here in Portland, only a few blocks from the Penny Mansion.  We tried the 88 last night and we all got nice and loose off of it, and was way smoother than what we drank earlier in the day for a research study that payed $40. Expect to see us showing up tipsy soon in a town near you rollin in the van, with a big party following us.

True DIY everything is bottled right here on location.

Tom runs the show along with some help from two other people, they keep The New Deal Flowing in the Northwest.

Van Life: Dont Drink and Drive Busters!

The New Deal Lineup: Hot Monkey spiced vodka, Portland88 is the 88 proof we tried out, and the regular New Deal Vodka. Look for it in a bar or Liquor Store 



1 Response to “NEW DEAL NEW SPONSOR”

  1. 1 eddie July 3, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    gimmie some vodka I’m thirsty niggas.

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