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Elvis and VIDEOS

heres a vid kip made of us riding around a while ago, nothing to wild. Just a good time


Here is Ricky from Montana’s Video of him and his homie cruisin. Hopefully they will be movin out here soon.

ricky and hunter from Lo Live on Vimeo.

Here is a picture of the infamous Elvis Stuppard as well.  Images of old men from the past.
Elvis Stuppard





Lil Andrew

here’s a pic Max shot of Lil Andrew before he went back to Prineville

We’re big in Europe!

I’ve been getting some hits from this russian version of the come up called INSIDE BMX. I cant tell if they talk as much shit in the comments as americans or not but I will assume that they do. Heres a screen shot of the post   

BG Jam

RomanRoman with a big toboggan in the deep end of the battleground park

JeffLittle Jeff was riding fast as hell all day and lookbacked onto the top o’ da capsule

FlairCheck out a bunch of more pics that I took on the Lotek site, as well as Rich’s fisheye pics which are dope.  

Mike Scully

Pearl River NY shredder Mike Scully kills it in this little video that Scott McMenamin put together for the website. Scott will be doing all of our video stuff from now on and it will all be in HD from now on so look for some high quality stuff comin through soon. 

Cycle Seen

Check out the Cycle Seen exhibition this month in Portland. I have pics up at Tea ZOne in NW and A Better Cycle in SE on Division. For More Info go to


I am doin some blog writin over on the lotek site. check it out. I will try to put mad pics of the homies up on there.